The Shopping Cart Challenged

OK, if you got a call that your kid was in the hospital it’s OK to leave the cart in the
parking space and rush to make sure your kid is OK, otherwise think about others.
How tough is it to take 20 seconds and roll the cart over to the cart stand…
TWENTY SECONDS to show you can be considerate of others. And if you are the guy
that leaves the cart in the next parking space so someone cannot park there, SHAME on you.
And maybe KARMA will make sure you get a few extra windshield glass chips and a few
extra flat tires. By the way, the cart stand is NOT the curbed area where the tree
is in the parking lot and when you do that you make it tougher for the cart collecting
kid to do his job, and then also because of your not caring about others behavior,
someone has to wait longer to have their groceries bagged (because the cart kid is
fighting to get the cart out of the landscaping).

I used to own a BIG van (bigger than most pickup trucks) and I parked it in the
CENTER of the SPACE… (so there) and came out of the store and unbeknownst to me some
YAHOO had put the cart between my right front wheel and the car next to me. I pulled out to
this horrible screeching noise from the cart being crushed between the vehicles… and YES
I went into the store and found the owner of the car I scratched up… and $1500 later.
I am sure the YAHOO that did that was not intending to cause me a $1500 problem…
and all it would have taken is a little 20 SECOND walk and a little RESPECT and COURTESY…

Loved to hear from you and all we are trying to suggest is
To Do the Right Thing… and pay attention to the laws and maybe STOP SIGNS are where
you can START TEACHING your children the importance of good behavior… the importance
of playing by the rules, the importance of being RESPECTFUL and COURTEOUS.
Give it some thought, because it’s a guarantee that kids that play by the rules have a better
chance to be successful than kids that don’t play by the rules…


The Parking Challenged

Please try and be nice and respect other drivers that want a place to park too
If you can’t get your car centered between the white lines (EVEN if you are a big Pickup) maybe you should not be driving…
IF you somehow think it’s OK to take up two spots, maybe your car should get “keyed”.
We are all in this together and we should make sure we think that others just might need to park too.

Showering at the Gym

One of my friends said he was in the shower at a local gym after a workout. A guy walks right past him, goes to a shower stall, lowers his swimming trunks, and urinates.
How can anyone be that disrespectful of others. Mom and Dad REALLY should have done a better job.

No need to yell, I’m standing right here

WHY is it that "Blue-toothers" seem to talk LOUDER.  
PS...we all have that technology and you are not that special that we all have to hear your conversation.
..and "texters", every once in awhile realize that you shouldn't be texting when you are in a conversation with others !!!!!

Ahhhh… traveling on airplanes

We all have seen the person that has the big bag on their shoulder 
walking down the aisle of an airplane. They are banging the bag 
into everyone's shoulder that is seated...and they don't give it a 
second thought. They have to know they are banging into others...
they have to... 
...Or how about the person that barges in on the line when your 
loading zone is called to get on the about
the person on the plane that thinks they OWN the ARM REST...
...OR... and this has been my cause for years ... How about the 
people that stake out their territory at the luggage carousel 
when their luggage can't be seen. MAYBE we ALL stand 5 feet 
from the carousel and only move to get our luggage when it 
gets close...We show RESPECT for others...cuz we really do not 
own that space. I think the basic message here is going 
to be SHOCKING ... "There ARE other people in the world"...
and maybe we should be courteous to them ??

Be a sweetie, wipe the seatie

WHO are these people that pee on toilet seats 
(in both the men's and women's bathrooms)?
Did they not have parents that taught them RESPECT and COURTESY??
In the men's "john" all a guy has to do is kick the seat up w a foot
...that's all. Think about others...and if you don't, KARMA will get
YOU (count on stepping in lots of dog doo...or stepping on gum).

STOP using your phone in the car

For years, I have sneakily used my phone while driving…sending and receiving texts, reading email, making and answering calls. I never realized how LUCKY I had been until I rear-ended the car in front of me a few weeks ago. I wasn’t even “using” my phone at the time. It simply RANG, I looked down to see the number, I looked back up and BAM!…A 3 car accident, which I am 100% at-fault for. Please hear this as a friendly warning that it ONLY TAKES A SECOND…and if you’re texting, your eyes are off the road for even longer. It is NOT worth it. From now on, my phone is on SILENT, in my purse, in the back seat. Please do the same.