Ahhhh… traveling on airplanes

We all have seen the person that has the big bag on their shoulder 
walking down the aisle of an airplane. They are banging the bag 
into everyone's shoulder that is seated...and they don't give it a 
second thought. They have to know they are banging into others...
they have to... 
...Or how about the person that barges in on the line when your 
loading zone is called to get on the airplane......OR...how about
the person on the plane that thinks they OWN the ARM REST...
...OR... and this has been my cause for years ... How about the 
people that stake out their territory at the luggage carousel 
when their luggage can't be seen. MAYBE we ALL stand 5 feet 
from the carousel and only move to get our luggage when it 
gets close...We show RESPECT for others...cuz we really do not 
own that space. I think the basic message here is going 
to be SHOCKING ... "There ARE other people in the world"...
and maybe we should be courteous to them ??

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