Using Mr. and Mrs.

Twenty years ago, before I started teaching religion and coaching kids in Baseball and Soccer, I read an article that recommended that we try to get kids to call adults “Mr. and Mrs.” Not only was it a show of RESPECT for adults, the article professed that the young person entering the work force who was respectful and called adults “Mr. and Mrs.”  would earn more money (a LOT MORE) than the kids that showed up and said “Yo, Bob what’s UP?”. The number was estimated at $100,000 MORE in the first ten years of working (and that Figure was from twenty years ago…). WHY?…Because the young person that showed respect would have an easier time of finding an adult that would be a mentor and show them the ropes…

We all think kids that are respectful to us are nice kids and these are the kids that we might like to help. So the STOP sign might be a place to START mentioning to your kids the importance of being RESPECTFUL to Adults…to Teachers…to Authority (police)…and even to themselves (to avoid Drugs…and Smoking…and Drinking…)

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  1. Joe still calls you MR. HOGAN after all these years.

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