It all started after watching Moms and Dads behave poorly at a 4 way STOP sign near a grammar school that is a block from our house. Hardly any cars actually STOP…And there were little kids walking to school…(and four of them were mine). After watching repeated disrespect for the law and rude behavior for years at STOP signs I started thinking…Could this poor behavior (unintentional in most cases) be sending a bad message to kids? Could this behavior be implying that “rules don’t matter” or that “the rules are for others”. Could parents be sending the wrong message to their kids and could it lead to other disrespect for authority, for teachers and for other rules? Could it be part of the reason our society has kids that are lacking in RESPECT and COURTESY?

THEN it hit me… Maybe the STOP sign is where we can START teaching our kids important lessons about COURTESY and RESPECT, about being nice and about following rules. As parents, we encounter this opportunity for a lesson everyday (cuz STOP signs are everywhere… So are STOP on RED opportunities…and the behavior there is even worse…)

STOP may be the best place to START teaching your kids the importance of rules…teaching your kids the importance of Laws. Laws are in place for a reason (like avoiding chaos). As parents it is our responsibility to teach our kids proper BEHAVIOR, like respecting others, like waiting your turn, like just being nice to others (like waving the other guy through at the stop sign).

This website could be the place where we try to STOP other poor behavior…swearing in public…cutting in line…cutting off people in traffic…parking inappropriately (taking up two spaces).

This is the place for you to share your story about things you have seen that should be STOPPED…We’d love to hear from you about misbehavior at stop signs, red lights and in public.

MAYBE we can change the World! MAYBE we can improve a few kids behavior. MAYBE Mom and Dad will STOP and think about setting a GOOD EXAMPLE, about doing the RIGHT THING, about STARTING to TEACH their kids how to BEHAVE. Maybe…It’s worth a try to make sure we all treat each other RESPECTFULLY and COURTEOUSLY.


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  1. Parents forget that their kids are always watching them and that much of their learning is formed by watching how mom and dad perform or react to different thingts. Parents need to remember that they are always “on stage” when it comes to their children.

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