Using Mr. and Mrs. continued

MAYBE we can change the World ! MAYBE we can improve a few kids behavior. MAYBE Mom and Dad will STOP and think about setting a GOOD EXAMPLE, about doing the RIGHT THING, about STARTING to TEACH their kids how to BEHAVE. Maybe…It’s worth a try to make sure we all treat each other RESPECTFULLY and COURTEOUSLY.


more STOP signs

So I start this website about August 1,2010…and in the last few days I have encountered friends that behave poorly at STOP signs. I am dead stopped at a STOP sign in Loomis CA. I see a sports car on my right, * assume it will STOP…but NO…it takes advantage of my stopped car, blows the STOP sign at ten mph…and what to my wondering eyes should appear, it’s a friend of mine…and he is in his own world, not considering how to be COURTEOUS to others.

Lets START remembering “EXCUSE ME”

Last night I was at a Jimmy Buffet inspired concert. I was talking to a friend and a man approached and blurted out what he wanted and NEVER said “Excuse Me”… I wonder did these people grow up without Mothers and Fathers to help them know how to behave. I remarked about the guys behavior to my friend and five seconds later another inconsiderate person did the exact same thing. WHO are these people and WHY do they think they are so important ???

Let’s also STOP

People that have a need to speed in residential neighborhoods. About 75% seem to be young drivers. There are little kids in the neighborhood and you don’t want to have hitting a child on your conscience…

STOP the Racing

Last night, when traveling home, there was construction in the slow lane (the lane I was driving in). There was a huge flashing arrow and plenty of time to get over, but the person in the lane next to me would not let me in. I started to panic as I noticed the lane I was in getting smaller and smaller. I eventually had to break to get in behind them. Perhaps they really didn’t see me, but more likely, they didn’t want to let me in front of them. I didn’t allow myself to get too worked up over it, but I thought to myself…this is how road rage starts!!! Can’t we have a little regard for one another? PLEASE?

STOP cutting in when traffic is backed up…

There’s always a bunch of people that decide “I don’t have to wait”.  The ones that simply drive up past the waiting cars and then CUT in…That is so disrespectful of others.  Why do they think they are so important ???  The courteous thing to do …WAIT your turn and be nice.

STOP Living in your Own World

Am I invisible or do the people around me wish they were? I find when I am out and about, no one will make eye contact with me. Is this a new social norm? Why can’t we look at each other and smile or say “How you doin?” Why can’t we acknowledge each other for holding a door or giving us the right of way? I’m afraid that adults are passing this way of being on to their children, teaching them to keep their head down and not to be friendly or grateful? Are we really this afraid of each other?